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Packaging (paper and board) waste

Evaluation of (paper and board) packaging waste


The European packaging market is growing, between 2019 and 2023 the growth is expected to increase by almost 2%, which means that the proportion of waste will increase. Due to the increasing commitment of the global world to sustainable practices and the circular economy, waste packaging is given a lot regulations to follow.


At the Pulp and Paper Institute we help youf fulfill all the requirements in accordance with SIST EN 13427 standard to obtain the Declaration of Compliance.

Preparation of the certificate of compliance will contain a report with the following parameters:

  • Prevention with reduction at source (SIST EN 13428)
  • Heavy metals (CR 13695-1)
  • Dangerous substances (SIST EN 13428)
  • Reuse (SIST EN 13429)
  • Biodegradation/Composting (SIST EN 13432)

We also advise on assessment of the adequacy of packaging waste for composting, thermal treatment or disposal, we make recyclability and deinking assessment and consult about the use of renewable additives in the material or packaging manufacturing process. We assess the impact on the environment and advise on measures to reduce impact on the environment as well.

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