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ICP active at TBMCE 2019 International Conference

The Pulp and Paper Institute responded to the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, which is the coordinator of the SRIP, for the participation in the panel discussion at the TBMCE 2019 conference Technologies and Business Models for Circular Economy. In two days, 86 participants attended the conference from industry, research and education institutions, the ministry and chambers.

Dr. Tea Kapun and Janja Juhant Grkman, Cel.cycle Program Manager, participated in panel discussion 1: Ongoing projects and internationalization in circular economy. They presented the activities carried out in both projects (Applause and Cel.cycle) and the role of the Institute in a circular economy. Other people, who participated the panel discussion were:

– dr. Marjan Ješelnik, Melamin (Bambi project)

– dr. Maja Zupančič Justin, Arhel (Lactic and LIFE for Acid Whey project)

– Emmanuel Boudard, N-ABLE (Internationalization)

– Igor Kos, WCYCLE Maribor Institute

The pleasant discussion was held under the moderator prof. dr. Alexandra Lobnik (UM FS).