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ICP researchers active at DITP Symposium

This year the 23rd Day of Slovene Paper Industry and the 46th International Annual Symposium DITP were held on 20–21 November 2019 at new location in Postojna. Topic “Between circular, bio and digital” drew more than 200 participants from eight countries. ICP researchers were active again, starting with Mateja Mešl, who was one of the participants of the forum on the future of the paper industry which was more than perfectly moderated by Mr Slavko Bobovnik. In the morning, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Paper and Paper Converting Industry Association also presented the award for the best thesis from the field which was earned by Mr Jan Hočevar, who completed his diploma thesis entitled “CARBOXIMETHYLING CELLULOSE OBTAINED FROM AGRICULTURAL RESIDUES” under the mentorship of assoc. prof. dr. Jernej Iskra and dr. Janja Zule from Pulp and Paper Institute as a so-mentor. The work was carried out within the framework of the Cel.cycle program.

46th International Annual Symposium has been divided into four sections; (i) digitalization continues, (ii) materials for circular bioeconomy, (iii) innovations in fiber treatment and (iv) efficient resource management in production. Researchers from ICP held two lecturers and one poster and were active as a moderator in two sections. dr. Igor Karlovits presented “Paper packaging testing for globalized market” and Barbara Šumiga presented “The effect of nanocellulose addition on the properties of water-based polyvinyl acetate adhesive. Daša Medvešček presented poster entitled “Antimicrobial activity of two-layer coating with oil, grease barrier and incorporated microcapsules”. For the first time, Gregor Lavrič and Andrej Šinkovec moderated two out of four sections.