Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL
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Laboratory and pilot equipement

From the aspect of technical furnishing with equipement and having personnel  with specific knowledge and experience the laboratory of papermaking provides resources for quality testing. More than 120 different testing methods are included in its offer. Since 2005, the laboratory has been accredited by the Slovenian Accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025: 2005 (Accreditation Certificate LP 058).

Pulp and Paper Institute, with its Laboratory and the Pilot equipment represents the only papermaking infrastructure center in the area of SE Europe. The papermaking laboratory is devidet in four testing sections: mechanical-physical, graphical, chemical and microbiological testing, and together with pilot equipment (pilot papermaking machine, pilot coating machine and calendaring machine) covers the entire paper production process. Laboratory equipment enables the study and characterization of input materials, the characterization of paper and paper products, waste water, solid waste and the evaluation of the production process. The developed and implemented analytical methods in the different areas of testing ensure solutions for different complex challenges related to the  surface, optical, printing and other specific properties of the materials.

List of equipment (pdf)


papirni stroj

pilotni premazovalnik

Polindustrijski gladilnik

Pilot paper machine

Parallel to the main building of the Institute, there is a building with pilot devices, among which the most important is the pilot paper machine. The machine is purposed to testing new raw materials, technologies and papers. On the machine it is possible to produce paper basis weight from 50 to 300 g / m2, the width of the paper web is up to 62 cm. The machine consists of a Fourdrinier headbox system, the production capacity is approx. 100 kg / h, velocity up to 50 m/min.

Pilot coater

The pilot coater DOW coater equipped with a system of coating from a roll of approx. 25 cm. The coating colour is applicated to the paper by knife system. Coated paper is dried with an IR dryer or hot air. It is also possible to apply the coating colour on paper in several layers.

The pilot calender

The pilot calender with one or two nips, equipped with paper and chrome-plated rolls has the following characteristics:

  • Width: 54.5 cm
  • Velocity: 10 - 60 m / min
  • Load: 0 - 4 t
  • Rolls hardness: 88 Sh (D)
  • Rolls temperature: up to 130 ° C
  • Calendering from reel or individual sheets