Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL


Expertise, combined with industry experience

Pulp and Paper Institute in its almost 70 year history has developed into a modern research and development center, which supports its partners by providing skills and services for the development of products made from natural fibers and paper. Direct integration of specialist knowledge and industrial competences ensures that the Institute offers comprehensive and high-quality services.

The Institute was established in 1947 by the initiative of the Directorate-General of Yugoslavian pulp and paper industry to promote research and technological development of the industry. The institute has moved to its own premises in Bogišičeva 8 in Ljubljana from Vevče Paper Mill in 1963. With its laboratories for mechanical, chemical and biological testing, and pilot paper and coating machine for industrial testing, it is still the only infrastructure center in the wider region. It is registered research institution with two research groups on papermaking and packaging.

Since 1998 the founder’s rights are assigned to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Association of Paper and Paper Processing Industry. The Institute is managed by the Council of the Institute/Management Board and the director. The members of the Council are appointed by the Board of the Association of Paper and Paper Processing Industry and the institute’s staff.  Director of the Institute is appointed by the Council, with the consent of the Board of the Association. Institute’s Council of Experts is directing the investment in research and development.

Director/CEO: Mateja Mešl


Members of the Council/Management Board of the Institute:

Ladislav Kristančič, President (Vipap Videm Krško d.d.)

Stanislav Menard (Nova Kuverta Ljubljana d.o.o.)

Sebastjan Nemeček (Papirnica Vevče d.o.o.)

Petra Prebil Bašin (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Slovenia)

Nevenka Kenda (ICP)

Janja Juhant Grkman (ICP)

Members of the Council of Experts:

David Ravnjak, President (Papirnica Vevče d.o.o.)

Danijel Oštir (Vipap Videm Krško d.d.)

Kristina Stakne (Paloma Sladki vrh d.d.)

Jerneja Pečnik (Goričane d.d.)

Andrej Kovič (Količevo Karton d.o.o.)

Barbara Sušin (Muflon d.o.o.)

Janja Zule (ICP)

Igor Karlovits (ICP)


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Contact Person

Mateja Mešl, Msc
Phone: (+386) 1 200 28 19
E-mail: mateja.mesl@icp-lj.si