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Regular meeting of consortium partners of the program cel.cycle

The Pulp and Paper Institute (ICP), the coordinator of the CELCYCLE program, strengthens cooperation through regular meetings of consortium partners. The program includes 26 institutions from research, education and industry fields, with integration cooperation of partners, achieve the fundamental objective of the program, which is the efficient cascade use of biomass. Regular meetings significantly improve partnership and facilitate further successful work on the agenda.
On December 4, 2019, in cooperation with consortium partner Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute (ZAG), we organized the fifth meeting of all consortium partners at the ZAG. The intercourse began with an introductory greeting, by the director of ZAG, doc. Dr Aleš Žnidarič. Presentation of the program, mid-term evaluation, achieved indicators, and an overview of the financial funds was presented by mag. Mateja Mešl, director of ICP. After reviewing the current status of the program, the representers of ZAG, Mr Frederik Knez, dr. Davor Kvočka and dr. Janez Turk presented the view and gave examples of LCA analyzes as a horizontal activity in CEL.CYCLE. A clear presentation of the LCA cases informed us of the importance of the environmental footprint.

Meeting concluded with social networking. /JJG