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CIP Circular Innovative Papers

CIP - Circular Innovative Papers

Circular valorization of discarded, residual or waste biomass for the production of paper and innovative, sustainable design of paper products are the keywords describing our trademark CiP.

It presents an offer of unique papers and packaging solutions, developed and produced by Pulp and Paper Institute with respect to sustainability and circularity principles.




Do you want to further promote your food products and emphasize your dedication to sustainability? Do you have residual biomass that is not used in your food production cycle, maybe even present a cost for you?

We will be happy to close that circle with you. If the residual biomass contains a valuable part of cellulose fibre, we can fractionate the fibre for production of paper or cardboard, and design unique packaging, especially for your products thus giving them additional visibility.


Is there a waste from natural fibrous materials in your production that need to be properly disposed of which present a cost for you? Are you searching for other opportunities, prolonging its lifetime and re-use it?

Let us find a solution for you. We would evaluate the economic and environmental impact of the conversion of waste material to added-value products for your own use or for the market. Upon your decision, we will design and produce selected products being an office, print or packaging paper/cardboard or unique paper packaging products in small series.


Do you want sustainable and circular packaging for your product? Maybe your customers are asking for original packaging that will reflect the stories of their products and sustainability? Are you a designer and want to offer your customers innovative, durable materials, products and packaging solutions?

Join the CiP product family. For your product or solution, we will make custom paper/ cardboard from interesting, locally available natural raw materials or even from waste biomass. Or you can choose from our CiP papers we have in stock. With our in-depth technical knowledge and pilot production equipment, we can enrich your potential by producing prototypes and small series of final packaging solutions. Newly developed materials and finished products are also tested for compliance with market and legislation requirements regarding packaging for food contact and recyclability, biodegradability/compostability.


In addition to the best quality for the best price, customers require packaging that presents original stories for their products. Sustainable and circular use of natural resources and the commitment of producers to quality, consumer safety and protection of the environment are increasingly exposed requirements. With CiP papers produced from locally sourced discarded biomass, we help you build stories for your customers that will set you apart from other providers. We can offer papers of various weights, from 70 to 240 g / m 2 and in various formats up to size B2. Our products are tested for printing in offset, flexo and digital techniques and are also suitable for use in all finishing operations. We offer full technical support and production of colour profiles for your printing processes. The papers are recyclable and safe to come into contact with food and can be used from fast food packaging to printing brochures, books or calendars. The only limitation is your imagination and format.


All CiP papers and paper products are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and suitable for food contact. This is ensured by conformity testing in our own accredited laboratory.


Papers and packaging solutions are developed at ICP from the idea to the prototype. Our modern and diverse equipment enables the production of prototypes and small series of products tailored to the customer’s needs.


Would you like to further express your attitude towards the environment, rationalize costs through the circular use of waste, present yourself with innovative sustainable packaging? Join us in our CiP story.

100% Recyclable
100% Compostable
Food contact safe
Locally sourced and produced
zero waste hands