Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL

Research Focus

Ensuring all key competences

Institute operates as an advanced and open organization, focused on the three key areas: research and development, laboratory and semi-industrial testing, and education and training. In that way, ICP provides the partners with the access to the most advanced knowledge and comprehensive services for the development of the paper and related industries.

Partners of the Institute are producers, manufacturers of paper and fiber-based materials, suppliers of raw materials, printing companies, packaging designers, customers,…. as well as research, , cultural and other institutions, like archives and museums, regulators and courts.

ICP has a vision to become internationally recognized leading research and development institution; as a reference laboratory for the testing of fiber-based materials and products and regional R&D and training center for papermaking. It is recognized as a competent and effective organization with a comprehensive set of services which is enabling flexible respond to the needs and opportunities in the region. Institute is a valuable partner in different value chains targeting advance and effective exploitation of the biomass, and development of competitive products in the whole circle of production, use and re-use of bio-based materials.