Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL

Analyses and consulting

Comprehensive services

We provide high quality and comprehensive service including laboratory analyses and semi-industrial trials on our piloting equipment.
The 70-year tradition of the Papermaking Laboratory at the Institute of Pulp and Paper, upgraded with an efficient quality system and international verification of results, is a guarantee for our professionalism and responsiveness. The Laboratory for papermaking provides comprehensive service of physico-mechanical, graphic, chemical and microbiological testing of raw materials, additives, process waters, effluents, solid wastes and final products.
We provide our customers with accessible analyses as well as customized and integrated service packages for the evaluation of paper, paperboard, cardboard, (bio)composites and paper products (physico-mechanical, chemical, microbiological as well as surface and optical properties) characterization of raw materials as well as process and environmental parameters (analyses of raw materials and additives, detrimental substances in the production, process parameters and waste evaluation).
Unique piloting equipment for biomass fractionation, paper/board production and surface treatment providesthe opportunity for testing raw materials, processes and products at semi-industrial level. With five specialized laboratories and piloting equipment we can offer our partner all test inone place thus ensuring transfer of findings from the laboratory scale to the industrial level.
The piloting equipment also enables small scale customized paper production. As an independent accredited laboratory, we offer consultancy, testing and preparation of declarations of conformity for the materials and products with the relevant legislation and market demands.

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