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Certificates of compliance

Verifying and certifying compliance


The Declaration of Compliance is a document by which the company declares, that meets all the legal requirements and other official guidelines and rules.

For each type of materials and products, the compliance assessment procedures are different and are determined by individual legal directives and guidelines, where the minimum requirements for the material, product or waste are stated and expected to be met.

We are an independent institution and an accredited laboratory that examines for you the relevant legislation and performs all needed compliance assessment procedures under the directives and modules specified for each product or material.

We are issuing the following certificates of compliance:

  • Materials and products for food contact
  • Evaluation of (paper and cardboard) packaging waste
  • Safety of toys (books and picture books)



  • Check legal requirements for individual materials, products, waste
  • Recommend and select appropriate testing parameters
  • Perform all necessary laboratory tests
  • Help prepare the documentation and content of the Declaration of Compliance