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Ensure your materials and products are safe for food contact


Various materials and products from paper, board, their combination or in combinations with other materials come in contact with food. They may affect the quality of food and consequently human health.

Materials, intended for food contact, may worsen the organoleptic properties of food, release dangerous substances into food and increase the health risk of the consumer. Therefore, manufacturers of materials and products (packaging, wrapping, consumer goods) that directly or indirectly come in contact with foodstuff, should test their suitability for food contact in terms of potential impact on food quality and human health. Compliance of materials and products with regulatory requirements is proved by Declaration of Compliance.

We provide comprehensive support and expert advice to obtain Declaration of Compliance. We support you in planning and implementation of all procedures needed for  the evaluation of various types of materials and products intended for food contact.


Our services are carried out in accordance with European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, valid standards, requirements and recommendations from industry and markets.


  • Check the regulatory requirements for individual materials and products, intended for direct or indirect food contact
  • Recommend and select the appropriate test parameters according to the type of food (dry, greasy, wet) and the length of contact of the material with food
  • Perform all necessary laboratory tests
  • Based on the complete test report, we issue a declaration of compliance from an independent institution
Mateja Zajc

Mateja Zajc

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