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Waste and wastewater management

Waste management include all activities and requirements from waste generation to final reuse or disposal. This includes also collection, transport and treatment. Nowadays, it is very important to reuse the waste. This should be done  in such a way that it would allow to provide   added value. It is also very important  at the same time that we  avoid the disposal of waste and therefore decrease their negative environment impact. Pulp and Paper Institute advise and help the costumers with the complete knowledge of waste management in your company. Based on the waste characterization, which includes chemical, mechanical and physical evaluation, we determine the most suitable solution.

Industrial wastewaters are well known as large environmental pollutants, and constant needed procedures (physical, chemical and biological), with the aim to purify water to the extent that it is no longer environmental harmful. Pulp and Paper Institute offer characterization of industrial wastewaters (determination of pollution) and support in finding comprehensive solutions for wastewater treatment.
We detect the complementary communities in the active sludge and determine the basic efficiency parameters (temperature, pH, undissolved substances, sediment, total chlorine, total phosphorus, ammonium nitrogen, total nitrogen, sulfide, TOC- total organic carbon, COD- chemical oxygen demand , BPK 5  - biochemical oxygen demand, AOX).

Mija Sežun

Mija Sežun, PhD

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