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Analysis of raw materials and additives

Analysis of raw materials and additives

Income control of the raw materials and additives provide identification of potential presence of interfering substances and control of the conditions that can interfere production with aim to provide final products with constant quality. Determination of the lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose and Kappa number, provide evaluation of the quality of the fibres used in production, while microscopic analysis confirm the ratio of the fibres in the paper. We can also provide analysis for determination of adsorbed organic halogens AOX, heavy metals and other interfering substances by FTIR spectroscopy and other classical methods.

By testing lignocelluloses biomass as alternative sources of raw material we evaluate the possibilities for their use as raw materials or additives in production of paper, textile and composite materials. We perform preliminary tests for determination of the content of cellulose in different plant material and other sources of fibres and evaluate the possibilities for processing and use. On laboratory formed paper we test their mechanical and physical properties.

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