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Chemical and microbiological properties

Chemical properties

Chemical analysis of the papers are performed for the purpose of monitoring the quality of products for the needs of the producers, as well as for the needs of suppliers and end users. Chemical analysis of the papers are also perform for the purposes of assessment of the adequacy of the paper and articles intended for contact with food and hygiene products. We can determine: heavy metals and other hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, glyoxal, n-heptane extract, presence of carbonless copy papers, the adsorbed organic halogens (AOX), pentachlorophenol (PCP), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and others.

For the needs of the paper industry and solvement of the problems in the production processes and technology we performe analysis for various chemical characterization of interfering substances which can negatively affect in paper production and quality of the product. We analyze deposites, stickies, process chemicals, wood resins, stains and tearings in the paper, synthetic polymers and other substances that can cause problems in production.

Care for the environment is a key factor in every industry sector, including the paper industry. Water quality is very important factor for the progress of the production process in the paper industry. ICP is qualified for analysis of industrial and waste waters. Our range of chemical and biological methods for testing of wastewaters meets the requirements for monitoring of the operation of water treatment plants and provides information for further optimization of their performance.

List of methods for food contact

List od methods for waste materials and waste water


Microbiological properties

Using microbiological tests we determine the presence of the microorganisms in the  income materials, additives, within the production process, on the surface of the product and we evaluate the effectiveness of the biocide system or the operation of the water  treatment plant.

By microbiological testing we determine the presence of the microorganisms causing problems in the production process (smell, deposits, color change, change in viscosity) and presence of microorganisms in the final product which is especially important in tissue paper and paper intended for food contact.

Many microorganisms are also involved in the process of water cleaning in the waste water treatment plants. Composition of the sludge and the presence of various organisms in the activated sludge are indicators about the effective operation of waste water treatment plants. Analyzes related to certain microorganisms provide estimation and on time taking action on waste water treatment plants.

We offer determination of different groups of microorganisms in the production process, additives and final product, as well as analysis for determination of microorganisms in the activated sludge.

List of methods for microbiology

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