Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL

Packaging solutions

For sustainable, safe and smart packaging


We are offering development, testing, design and production of sustainable, circular and innovative packaging solutions.

Know-how and modern equipment

With our knowledge andmodern equipment, we are developing packaging products at the laboratory and semi-industrial level, thus ensuring a comprehensive offer of the development of modern circular packaging solutions from idea to production.

Comprehensive approach

A comprehensive approach begins with the selection of innovative and/or sustainable material (material can be developed upon customer's need), it continues with design solution and a prototype or small-scale production - all this with continuous evaluation of the material and product conformity with the legislation requirements and/or market demands. Packaging is at the end of life cycle evaluated also as waste or as a material for reuse. To reuse it, we determine the suitability for processing with material recycling, biodegrability and composting.

By understanding our customers’ needs in the field of contemporary packaging challenges, we are your reliable partner.