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Reliable and safe packaging

That your customer will receive product as you wanted


The basic packaging function is product protection. The packaging must ensure, that the product gets undamaged to the end consumer and that all the functional characteristics of the packaging on the journey remain intact. Reliable and safe packaging must meet standards in the field of mechanical, physical and graphic properties. We provide testing service for various materials (paper, board, corrugated cardboard, tissue, textiles, foils, polymers, composite materials), final packaging products or individual parts (such as labels, adhesives, additional carriers or fillers). We also perform tests on individual layers. All materials are tested according to existing ISO, DIN, ASTM standards, or industry and internal standards. We also offer a flexible development of our own methods for all trials.


Mechanical resistance and load capacity assessment. External influences resistance evaluation.

In the field of packaging mechanical characteristics, it is necessary to follow requirements for compliance. We check all the required mechanical properties such as ECT and BCT and assess resistance to breakthroughs and other mechanical damages based on ISO, DIN, ASTM or industry standards. We also adapt testing to additional compliance requirements.

Consulting on print standardization, quality print achievement and selection of appropriate equipment and materials

Color drying, printing errors, inability to stick and other problems are challenges for us in the field of packaging labels. Poorly designed and printed 2D (Barcode or DataMatrix) or RFID sticker, can stop working process and cause big business losses. In the event of poor printing, color, paper or foil incompatibility, unreadable label may occur. The physical properties of labels, such as tackiness, color resistance to light and chemical factors, printing difficulties and label recycling ability, are important part of the circular packaging.


For achieving your optimum productivity, we offer you:

- testing and print labels troubleshooting

- compliance testing

- resolving complaints

- advice on the selection of the materials

 We ensure you a smooth supply chain and a satisfied final customer.




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