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Pilot scale evaluation

Test & demo – from laboratory to pilot scale evaluation
Advanced knowledge and equipment for contemporary papermaking


At the Pulp and Paper Institute we offer laboratory testings and pilot scale evaluation in one place. We have a unique papermaking infrastructural centre with modern laboratory equipment and pilot devices that cover all areas of material and process development for contemporary papermaking.

In our papermaking laboratory we provide physical, mechanical, chemical, biological and graphic testings of raw materials and additives, paper and paper products as well as wastewater and solid waste. The developed and implemented analytical methods in different areas ensure identification and solutions for different complex challenges in the material and production process development.

Our pilot equipment enables pilot scale testing throughout the process: from raw material preparation (biomass delignification and fiber treatment), paper production on pilot paper machine, paper finishing (calending, coating) to final manufacture (printing and design). This gives our customers from the entire value chain a possibility to transfer findings to the industrial level quickly.

Our main advantage is comprehensive offer, supported by advanced knowledge and industrial competences which make us the right partner for paper and board manufacturers, their suppliers and customers.

Andrej Šinkovec

Andrej Šinkovec

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