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Surface treatment on paper and paperboard

Coating is one of the most important process in paper industry. The purpose of coating is to improve surface on paper and paperboard. Appropriate coatings and coating application techniques have influence on glossiness, smoothness, whiteness and opacity of paper and paperboard.  Printability is improved by more homogenous and closed surface of paper and paperboard.

We are experts in pigments, binders, co-binders and other additives and we know how to prepare and apply coatings on paper and paperboard for different application of use. With connecting other research organisations and industrial companies we are solving everyday problems in paper mills. We also offer consulting and help development of new products.

Laboratory and pilot equipment enables us to test different additives in coatings, to optimize coating, to coat paper and paperboard on laboratory and pilot level and to simulate coating production line. 

Janja Juhant Grkman

Janja Juhant


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