Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL

In the field of printing we offer testing and analysis of printed materials on paper and other substrates:

  • Technical properties in printing (printability – dry pick, print penetration, dusting)
  • Printing and optical properties (mottling, CIE L*a*b, print gloss, tone value increase)
  • Permanence and resistance of prints  testing on light, chemical agents, foods, mechanical and transport stresses

We offer solutions and consultancy in print and packaging related problems like ink drying, mottling, glueing and all other challenges for achieving full productivity. We also offer advice on print standardisation,  print quality achievement and purchase of the printing equipment.

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In the field of packaging, we offer solutions from design, to material optimisation and testing in the development of new packaging products with added value (printed electronics, special pigments, functional printing). We develop and provide support in the R&D of intelligent and active packaging (RFID, microcapsules and security elements).

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Gregor Lavrič, PhD

T: +386 1 200 28 47