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Protected paper and board

Paper and board with security elements


Papers with various security elements are a synonym for authenticity and credibility. They’re used for different types of documents for which the publisher guarantees their originality. They are used for identification documents (eg birth certificates), for academic and qualification certificates (eg. diplomas), business letters, formal documents ...

ICP Protected paper and board contains security elements that confirms the authenticity of the document and protects against forgery.

Papirni izdelki po meri

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose from the following protection elements:

  • Protective fibers (visible, fluorescent)
  • Protective planchettes
  • Chemical security (reactivity on solvents, oxidants, acids)
  • Watermarks

Fields of application:

  • Governmental offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Issuers of certificates (banking, insurance)

ICP Protected paper and board - specifications

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