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Permanent paper and board

For the protection of documents, materials, objects of art, photographies of permanent value

ICP permanent papers and boards are intended for long-term archiving of valuable objects and protection of materials of permanent value.

They are produced by alkaline process using high-quality paper fibres having very low lignin content and no optical brighteners. They are compliant with ISO 9706 (requirement for permanence) and ISO 11108 (requirement for permanence and durability). The special permanent paper for the preservation of photographic materials has PAT (Photographic Activity Test) certificate.

ICP permanent papers and boards have great permanence, durability and are resistant against ageing for unlimited period of time. They prevent transmission of atmospheric impacts, acids or other harmful substances onto a protected material. They are suitable for museum and general archival use.


We offer different types of permanent paper and board:

  • Basic permanent paper and board (PP1)
  • Improved permanent paper and board (PP2) with a higher degree of inertia (improved basic permanent paper with 25% of bleached cotton fibers, which improves inertia index and durability)
  • For photographic materials preservation (PP3) (80% of bleached cotton fibers).

Our products are available in sheets or in different formats as folders, covers, tabs. All products are suitable for printing.


Possibilities of use:

  • Partition of documents or individual pages of books, publications, archival material, photographies
  • Underlayers in drawers, cabinets, on shelfs and frames
  • Wrapping of objects
  • Manufacturing of light folders and covers
  • Conservation and restoration


Why choose ICP Permanent paper and board?

  • Various types of products for different purposes
  • Flexibility - formats and quantities according to customers’ needs (maximum width is 62 cm)
  • Different grammages (50-240 g), cuttings and final finishing (creasing, folders, tabs, envelopes ...)
  • Fast delivery
  • Possibility of small quantity purchase



  • Archives
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Libraries
  • Photographers, photographic associations
  • Governmental Offices
  • Educational institutions
  • Companies


ICP Permanent paper_Specifications






Basis weight [g/m2]


50 ± 2

80 ± 3

110 ± 3

160 ± 5

210 ± 6

50 ± 2

80 ± 3

110 ± 3

150 ± 5

210 ± 6

50 ± 2

120 ± 4


Ash content 525°C [%]

ISO 1762

Min 3

pH water extract


8 - 9


Andrej Šinkovec

Andrej Šinkovec

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