Pulp and Paper Institute, Bogišićeva 8, 1000 Ljubljana, SL

Fundamentals of papermaking – tailored training programs

The complete program in duration of 24 hours includes training with accompanying demonstrations within three working days. Program can be designed specifically for different target groups and content requirements in agreement with the client. Range of topics includes:

Basic concepts of papermaking (history of papermaking, paper as 3D material and a carrier of information, the basic properties of paper, type of papers and cardboards, paper formats).

Raw materials for paper and cardboard production (raw materials, fillers and additives, coating colors, preparation/processing of raw materials, demonstration of laboratory paper web formation, demonstration of finishing and coating process , microscopy).

Papermaking technology (factors determining formation of the paper web from the pulp and papermaking additives, paper and coating machine, its components and functioning,  , finishing and finishing machines).

Microbiology in papermaking (basics of microbiology, paper mill microbial entry points, microbiology in production process and final products, biocides in papermaking)

Testing of paper (climate and paper, determination of basic, mechanical, surface, optical and other properties of paper/cardboard)

Graphic and printing technologies(printing properties of paper, optical and color properties of the print, print quality depending on the printing technique, paper quality requirements for different printing techniques)

Ecology in the papermaking (waste management, re-use of paper for recycling, wastewater treatment and environmental legislation, recyclability determination)

Trends in papermaking (advanced technologies of fiber preparation/processing, raw materials and waste water treatment, use of nanocellulose, advanced packaging).

David Ravnjak PhD

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