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Popular science promotion of papermaking

Promocija papirništva med mladimi in manj mladimi


Creative day (children up to 6 years of age)

For our youngest visitors we offer organization of a creative day with paper, where children learn about a paper machine as a large, benevolent and environmentally friendly thing that enables the creation of a paper. Children can create their own hand-made paper which they take home.


Technical day (for children from primary and secondary schools)

For children from primary schools we provide a practical presentation of the paper production process, about which pupils of 6th class learn during their technical lessons in school. Their theoretical knowledge is upgraded by demonstration of the basic analyses. Finally, competition is organized for the group in a quiz with over 15 questions called "Who Wants to be a papermaker", where they verify and consolidate their knowledge and qualify for the recognition of connoisseur of papermaking, king of papermaking or tsar of papermaking.

For high school students we present the paper industry on a higher level, involving chemical, biological, mechanical and physical parameters about which they learn during their classes in school and link them with the knowledge of history and geography. This is followed by a visit of chemical, biological, graphic and mechanical-physical laboratories and visit of the paper machine and finally with a presentation of the latest development trends in papermaking.


Paper use in everyday life (adult visitors)

As papers differ from each other it is important that we know which paper is used for personal hygiene and which for printing. We inform our visitors with a brief introductory lecture which is customized according to the type of visitors. They also visit the laboratories and pilot machines.

Tea Kapun, Phd

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