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Professional seminars

Professional Seminars

We organize seminars in the field of papermaking, which are intended for both the employees in paper, paper processing and connected industries, and the members of general public. The new knowledge and advanced information are presented by the experts from ICP where the presentation is customized to the target group.
Seminars are organized either according to demand or our annual plan.


Material Food Contact Safety

Duration of seminar: 4 hours

Food comes into contact with various materials and products that can affect the quality of food and consequently human health. As a result, the legislation sets strict regulations and standards for verification of compliance. The seminar presents current regulations in the field of food contact for paper, cardboard, cardboard and plastic, a set of standardized procedures for checking the suitability of materials and products in contact with food, and trends and important aspects of sustainable materials and packaging.

Analyses in papermaking

Duration of seminar: 4 hours

The workshop is designed for technical personnel working on a process or product quality control and others interersted in gaining new knowledge on industrial analytics.   At the workshop, participants become familiar with the most commonly used standardized methods for characteriziation of  paper and effluents from paper mills, internal methods of the ICP as well as with equipment and conditions for  the testing laboratories and quality assurance of analytical results. Additionally, participants gain the basic knowledge on the importance of the analytics in papermaking process.


Papermaking microbiology

Duration of seminar: 4 hours

Involvement of microbiological factors in papermaking must be considered.  In 4 hours seminar the participants will learn about their identification, sites of entrance into the mill, problems they cause and efficient methods of how to deal with them. The seminar is intended for professionals involved in identification and control of microorganisms in paper mills, biocide suppliers and others occupied with the quality of finished paper products.


All about the paper for non-papermakers

Duration of seminar: 4 hours

Seminar is intended for different target groups involved in a supply, sales or use of different paper and paperboard materials and products as well as school teachers and all others interesting to deepen their knowledge on papermaking. The entire production process from fiber to finished product, different types and use of papers are presented to participants in a friendly and straightforward manner.


Standardization in multicolour printing

Duration of seminar: 5 hours

Seminar is intended for everyone involved in one way or another in the process of preparation and production of various graphic products. It is also suitable for customers, suppliers and vendors of products, where colors play an important role in the sales. The seminar covers the requirements and conditions of print standardization in accordance with the standards  SIS ISO 12647-X.


Runnability and printability of paper materials

Duration of seminar: 4 hours

The seminar gives an overview of printing technologies, printing inks and procedures which are important for a good print. All major printing technologies (offset, flexo, inkjet), ink drying mechanisms and other dynamic process parameters (contact angle, surface roughness, surface chemistry) needed for good quality prints without machine downtime. This seminar is a good and thorough introduction to printing and graphic arts technologies for all who are developing materials for printing.