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Current projects

InnoRenew CoE

InnoRenew CoE

ICP is a partner in project of development of the Renewable Materials and Healthy Environments Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence, which is chosen as one of nine projects in the Teaming call of the European Union's Horizon 2020 Framework Research and Innovation Programme. The project with eight slovenian partners and the advanced partner Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research WKI Germany is lead by the University of Primorska. For more information visit web page www.innorenew.eu.

APPLAUSE (Alien PLAnt SpEcies)

The project addresses problem of dealing with invasive alien plant species and explores possibilities of their useful use with active involvement of City of Ljubljana residents. Invasive alien plant species can be a rich source of cellulose fibers and ICP, a project partner, is exploring the possibilities of their use for paper production and innovative paper products that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compliant with the concept of a circular economy and zero waste green technology.

More about project: https://www.ljubljana.si/sl/moja-ljubljana/applause/

BRIDGE2BIO - Bridging Gaps in Bioeconomy: from Foresty and Agriculture Biomass to Innovative Technological solutions

Based on the analysis of the availability and utilization of the biomass resources in Slovenia, the project is addressing the gaps that are limiting the development of the new value chain for efficient use of natural resources and supports development of the recommendations for the policy design and tools in support for bioeconomy in Slovenia.

The three-year project (2018-2021) involves the Biotechnical Faculty and the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Ljubljana, the National Institute of Chemistry, the Pulp and Paper Institute, the Slovenian Forestry Institute and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. The following areas are in our focus:

  • bioeconomy status in Slovenia,
  • availability and utilization of agricultural and forest biomass resources in Slovenia,
  • gaps, that limit integration for the efficient use of agricultural and forest biomass in Slovenia,
  • innovative partnerships for the bioeconomy development in Slovenia,
  • forming support measures and accompanying activities for the Slovenian bioeconomy.

BIOEASTsUP: Advancing Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy in Central and Eastern European countries

The overall objective of BIOEASTsUP project is to support the BIOEAST initiative in the implementation of its Vision for 2030 and Action Plan for transition of 11 Central and Eastern European (CEE) to bioeconomy. This will be done by engaging the relevant stakeholders, accenting sustainable circular bioeconomy on the CEE governments’ agenda improving macro-regional cooperation formats with downstream and upstream linkages of agri-food sector, and supporting national bioeconomy strategies development. The project will advance the BIOEAST initiative to become a catalyst for a research and innovation, rural development and other policies towards bioeconomy development in the CEE by creation of favourable inter-sectoral framework for sustainable deployment of biomass potential. Our institute is a linked third party in the project.