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Multifunctional fiber composite material for the production of archive packaging

The invention multifunctional fibre composite material for the production of archival packaging relates to the field of development of new fibre composite material, which solves the problem of the currently non-existent multifunctional composite material suitable for storing archival documents and objects. A multifunctional composite material consisting of two pH-neutral archival papers (1) coated with a combustion reduction/retardant coating (2) and a moisture retardant coating (3) to produce packaging that inhibits combustibility and reduces moisture uptake, thereby protects archival objects and documents. The multifunctional fibre composite material is flexible and can be transformed into a variety of packaging structures.

Patent no: D21H 21/00; D21H 27/00    31.3.2020.

Paperboard packaging with embedded smart label for radio frequency identification with ability of recording different parameters

Multilayer paperboard packaging with invisible smart RFID label embedded in paperboard layers is solving the problem of tracking and offers high degree of protection to a broad range of packagings. According to the chip’s functionality and printed outer humidity sensor offers (?) different tracking possibilities and identifications.  Also recordings of physical and chemical parameters may be implemented if RFID label is powered by batteries. RFID label is produced directly on screen-printing or flexography printing machines where antenna and outer humidity sensor are printed on the first paperboard layer. Afterwards the chip with different functionality is bound in adhesive production line using conductive adhesive. Next step is lamination with the second paperboard layer. The design of antenna and outer moisture sensor are adapted to the chip functionality and requirements of the final application.

Patent no.: 24272,   31.7.2014


Printed temperature sensor in smart packaging

Printed temperature sensor is produced directly on the printing machine where it is printed on the first top layer of inner paperboard packaging bottom. Measuring system is placed in the bottom of a multilayer paperboard packaging, immediately under the first layer where the sensor is printed. They are both connected together. The printed sensor is protected by temperature resistant lamination which includes  a graphic, printed indicator of appropriate temperature range  or a printed screen. The entire system, a printed temperature sensor in an electronic measuring system, can be placed under primary packaging or under foodstuffs, which are kept in a secondary sales packaging or else it can function as independent  measuring system. In the case when the system is inserted in the bottom of secondary packaging, it is distinguished from other parts by perforation.

Patent no.: 2448,3   31.3.2015


Printed frequency selected screen

The design of meta-cells is made in accordance with the final application, e.g. desired weakening of a specified frequency range. A flexible substrate is printed on both sides using two press rolls from role to role with a conventional printing technology. Meta-cells are printed on the underside of the substrate while decoration or lamination can be printed simultaneously on the top side of it. The printed frequency selective screen or meta-paper can be used as wall paper or as an intermediate layer of self-standing partition walls.

Patent no.: 24731,   2.12.2015